Mall Kiosk Manufacturers in Chennai, Suppliers & Dealers in Chennai, We are leading Top 10 Mall Kiosk Manufacturers in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India etc.. Mall Kiosk With ICE Digitek India Restaurant Kiosk, our customers get to discover the menu differently than they normally would. They end up adding avocado, bacon, chicken and higher priced items to their orders, which has resulted in a 2X increase to our average guest check size. Drive up your average guest check size with automagic upsells. Kiosk automatically prompts customers to add extra paid toppings or pair combo items, which drives guest check sizes up to 2X. Line bust with fewer counter staff Reduce your front-of-house labor cost by adding Kiosks instead of cashiers while still taking cash payments. Merchandize your menu like never before The fully customizable user interface allows you to merchandize high-profit menu items, share detailed info about nutritional information and ingredients, and highlight promotions.
There are many advantages to QSRs and fast casuals adopting self-order strategies, but three well-documented benefits include enhanced customer service, improved productivity and increased profits. The pioneer stage has ended for restaurant self-serve kiosks, and adoption has shifted into high gear. The time has come for all serious players in the limited-service space to take note if they haven’t already.
Simple order steps for patrons
Custom Ordering to fit your restaurant
Automatic display of priced add-ons or combos
Our open API is designed to integrate directly with your existing restaurant POS for the ultimate ease of use!
Accept credit and debit payment right at the Kiosk
Accept cash payment at the register for orders placed at the Kiosk
Customizable branding and menu display
Seamless integration with TouchBistro POS
Smart Printing
Unlimited Menu Builder
Reduce Labor
Reduce Long Lines
Reduce Theft