Smart Board Manufacturers in Chennai, Suppliers & Dealers in Chennai, We are leading Top 10 Smart Board Manufacturers in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India etc.. To match the competitive environment of schools, colleges, and universities; Education Kiosk Application or better known as Student Information Touch Screen Kiosk has been designed that paves the way for the easiest access to education-related features such as availability of the internet, registration process, review process and more. This School Management kiosk is extremely helpful in managing heavy traffic during admission and events process and it is equally helpful as touch screen kiosk for college.
By using Education Kiosk Application, schools have improved their efficiency by providing automated solutions for many different categories such as admission process, fees, timetable, library management and many more and for these many features, this kiosk is also known as time table management kiosk. Attendance management is also a key feature of this kiosk. Along with managing administrative tasks, this kiosk is equally useful for students through which they review the books.
Customized Product
Students’ Personal Information
Class Schedule Information and School Notices
Personalized course schedules, academic records and billing information for students
Grades and Degree Evaluations,
Fee Management System
Time table Management System
Communicate academic calendar and course schedule information with students
Emergency or Personalized Notice to Students and check-in for their appointments Request
School/College Personalized General Instructions
Saves time – shorter lines at check-in locations.
Provides an easy way to completely free repeated administrative Tasks
Easy to keep student contact information updated
Updates parents about their wards’ activities
Send notifications and alerts to parents for meetings
University administration terminals, offering students a range of services.
Education terminals, allowing younger children to become more familiar with technology.
Public Internet access kiosks, making the Internet available to everyone.
Library check-in and check-out kiosks, facilitating borrowing of books for users Test and examination terminals, where students can sit exams both in school and remotely, and receive their marks instantly.